Friday, 10 July 2015

Slim Healthy

Want to slim quickly? Forget pills or drugs supplement meager as it is not a safe way to lose weight. The solution is simple, namely exercise.

Through consistent exercise and keep diet, your metabolism will be more proactive in helping to burn fat, thus facilitating the process of weight loss.

But the fun did not work out without interspersed with foods that can help speed up the process.

In Western countries at present, removal of fat intake is increasingly popular among those who are keen to lose weight.

Since its introduction by celebrity trainer Kim Lyons in a fitness program The Biggest Loser third season, it became the preferred alternative Hollywood stars in an effort to lose weight after giving birth.

However, this diet drinks reliable first introduced by Ann Louise Gittleman in his book, Two-Week Fat Flush published 25 years ago.

These drinks using fruit rich in vitamin C such as oranges, limes, lemons and grapefruit which helps convert fat into energy while cucumber makes us feel full and reduce food intake.

According to TRX and kettlebell fitness coach, Mohamed Azlan Zain Mohamed, drink this principle to the detoxification or removal of toxins and toxins from the body and then launch the system in the body.

"Part of the body which is filled poisons, toxins and excess fat - especially in the liver - can not launch the task of burning fat. So the practice of detoxification, it facilitates the process and helps in achieving weight loss goals.

"In addition to supplying vitamin C, extra mint leaves help smooth digestion while grapefruit also contain antioxidant flavonoids that improve insulin sensitivity.

"So it's not only good for the body internally, but also externally on the skin and the appearance of the body," he said.

Azlan, however, stressed the importance of balancing exercise and diet in daily activities.

"Those who want to lose weight should not rely on these drinks alone. Exercise is very important and the most effective in burning fat.

"At the same time, drink lots of plain water for drinking water supply is not necessary for the body. Most of those who suffer from weight problems due to the lack of drinking water because of water obesity myths.

"In fact, water greatly contributed to the smooth functioning of the internal body. When all of these things combined, it will facilitate the process of weight loss, "he said.

Medium-sized beverage bottles
1 grapefruit (slice thinly)
1 lime (lemon slices)
1 lemon (cut into wedges)
1 orange (thin slices)
1 cucumber (cut in half and sliced)
Half a teaspoon of honey (if do not want to think too sour)
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